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Monatliches Archiv: MAI 2016

Mai 27
posted by nico on 27.05.16 20:57 as General

Hey there!
If you're an absolute stud and just got your A-cut at your national olympic trials meet, this page isn't for you. But maybe you're a bit less fortunate. Maybe you're just shy of an A-cut and somewhere in an uncomfortable limbo trying to figure out whether you'll get the elusive Olympic invite in June. I am, so I really feel your pain.

But hey, you can guess, right? So I did. Like any proud swim nerd would, I took out the world rankings and had a closer look. It went something like this:
"Wow, that's a lot of A-cuts"
"Dang, there's a lot of swimmers between me and that A-cut line."

"Oh, there, that's the 3rd American, I can cross that one away."
So I scratched all swimmers who aren't at least top 2 in their respective country.
"Looks much better now."

"Oh, that guy! I thought he was a freestyler. I bet he has an ...

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